Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Shocks

Massachusetts Casino Trends Survey Reveals Some Shocks

A survey of more than 3,000 New England residents conducted this week by the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Center for Policy Analysis reveals some interesting facts about Massachusetts’ casino-goer trends, and possibly those of the country as an entire.

Those surveyed spanned five New England states, minus Vermont, and weren’t exclusively casino-goers. Of those surveyed, however, more than half, 52 percent, engaged in some as a type of gambling, be it casino, lotto tickets, or betting on sports.

Not Absolutely All Gamblers

Probably the most interesting result of the survey is the fact that of those who visited an area casino, nearly 20 percent did perhaps not gamble at all, and were presumably drawn solely by the shopping or dining offered at the casino. This will be a razor-sharp increase from just six years ago when a similar survey unearthed that just 7 percent of casino site visitors did not gamble.

Among other findings, it had been found that casino-goers are investing less cash on average, and travelling less to reach their gaming location, no doubt a by-product of this struggling U.S. economy.

‘Convenience gamblers don’t care about bells and whistles, they want to relax and play slots and they wish to do it near to home,’ said Clyde Barrow, executive manager for the UMass center, who’s been overseeing the annual survey on area gambling habits for six years.

That statistic is further exemplified by the kn Leer más