Meet with the furries: individuals who identify with an animal a great deal they decorate as you


The guys hit it down with 22-year-old Lonnie Weets, a communications and marketing major in the University of North Florida.

They invited him to hold away at their Monday night game nights, nonetheless they delivered him a text to be sure he knew exactly what he had been engaging in.

Of course, there is fun, beverages and games.

But there would be furries.

«I did not know very well what it absolutely was, » said Weets, whom lives in the Southside.

He did some extensive research and ended up being fascinated.

Furries? Individuals dressed as animals, however a complete much more.

Weets wished to see for himself.

And then he’s glad he did.

Though Weets does not recognize himself as a furry, he enjoys their company.

«These are typically open-minded out-of-the-box thinkers and unique, » Weets said. Leer más