Whatever you desired to realize about bottoming but had been too afraid to inquire about. Simple tips to get ready for anal intercourse

With regards to having safe and pleasurable anal intercourse, it is essential to learn most of the facts. Knowing that, we asked Dr. Joseph Terlizzi, a brand new York-based colon and rectal doctor, for the lowdown on what homosexual and bi males can prepare, how exactly to perform some deed, and exactly how to remain post-coital that is safe. Consider their qualified advice about how to make rectal intercourse more enjoyable:

How To Prepare for Bottoming (Along Side Some Typically Common Errors)

While keeping anal hygiene is essential, individuals are usually too fastidious with regards to clearing up before anal sex. Typical errors we see patients make include chemical that is using (the perfumes and preservatives cause them to irritating) and wiping an excessive amount of (friction may cause abrasions). This leads to your skin across the rectum to be inflamed, resulting in thickening and eventually irritation or disquiet with intercourse. In reality, chemical wipes and over wiping will be the most frequent reasons for anal itch (this…trust me, you don’t want to) if you haven’t experienced. Therefore forget the harsh scents and chemicals — before intercourse, merely clean the exterior regarding the anal area well into the bath or shower with ordinary water or a rather mild detergent.

It’s additionally helpful to regularly consume a fiber-rich diet that features meals such as for example whole grain products, broccoli, and beans — since this regulates bowel evacuations and decreases the possibilities of soiling while having sex. Leer más

Shower Intercourse is better yet with enjoyable bath sex add-ons!

Shower Intercourse is better yet with enjoyable bath sex add-ons!

Ode to Shower Intercourse

Oh, shower intercourse the way I love thee. You’re like porn stuff enjoyable, simple, convenient…and quick (because sometimes there is certainly just a bit that is tiny of whenever both kids are napping and intercourse is achievable.)

I enjoy being lathered all over with yummy body that is smelling (as though searching a gallery of delicious sips) and a girly-loofah. Feeling the water that is warm down my body—I constantly hog water and my hubby (who knows he is planning to get intercourse) is much significantly more than very happy to accommodate. Leer más