A brand new Latin United States Climate Negotiating Group: The Greenest Shoots within the Doha Desert

Well-worn tales of dinosaurs such as the united states of america and Asia fighting it call at the un weather modification negotiations in Doha week that is lastsee my past post, en en titled “Doha Climate Change Negotiations: Moving Beyond the Dueling Dinosaurs to carry Together Equity and Ambition“) continue to crowd out other, more good tales that have to learn. In the place of retelling the storyline of sticking points between your rich nations for the worldwide North and people regarding the developing Southern, it is vital to see where one thing brand brand brand new is breaking through. The greenest shoots we saw at COP18 were from a small grouping of developing nations hardly talked about in the media’s fascination with conflict and acrimony involving the various events and blocs. Leer más