I will be using no hermeneutic, thank you quite definitely. We talk ancient greek language.

The passage in 1 Cor. Does NOT utilize identity-words, it utilizes action words: “those who take, people who have drunk, people who revile, those people who have intercourse with men”.

None of the are terms that basically refer to identity that is Visit Your URL one’s in Greek. They refer to actions that are one’s.

Kathy, praise Jesus for the testimony and it’s also great to hear which you’ve been assisted right here. We shall definitely simply simply simply take this into consideration whenever getting together with people related to SF.

Nevertheless, taking a look at Daniel’s reactions (re: “I speak ancient Greek — therefore there’s just exactly exactly what 1 Cor. 6:9-11 says… that are‘really’. Just as if nobody else has ever examined those verses – or lived them! ), you might additionally be able understand why i will be extremely skeptical.

In addition, he hasn’t really addressed any of my concerns & he linked to an article about “divorce”, when my analogy was about adultery while I appreciate that Ron has engaged here. Leer más