This short article is a fast help guide to paper prototyping & assessment for electronic interfaces.

by Nick Babich

When you look at the global realm of electronic design, we’ve lots of various tools which make the entire process of prototyping actually easy. Yet still pen and paper stay probably the most tools that are useful UX designers.

Paper prototyping can be hugely helpful throughout the early-stage that is conceptualizing a group has to explore a number of different ideas and select one that may be utilized. The paper model permits quickly visualize and test various some ideas.

Before talking about particular guidelines of paper prototyping, it is worth saying a words that are few pros and cons of the approach.

Let’s focus on advantages:

  • It’s fun. Paper prototyping should be fast and fun. If it is slow and painful, there’s positively something very wrong together with your prototyping procedure.
  • Rap >Low expense. Paper prototyping is quite cheap. Fundamental toolset includes pen and paper. Leer más