Louis Theroux’s offering Sex documentary disappointed its many participant that is vulnerable

Sex employees Ashleigh and Georgina published a available page to the BBC detailing their mistreatment and frustration within the movie

Final night’s Louis Theroux documentary, offering Intercourse, introduced the nation to Caroline, Victoria and Ashleigh – three women that earn money by offering intercourse. The youngest, Ashleigh, had been an art that is 23-year-old from London whom just became a sex worker six days before she came across the filmmaker along with his BBC group.

Before Theroux accompanied her to a scheduled appointment with a customer, we had been told that she had Asperger’s syndrome and lived along with her companion Georgina. “I don’t should be conserved, ” she told him. “I’m in energy in this case. ” She does not feel therefore empowered by showing up within the documentary, nonetheless.

In August of 2019, Ashleigh and Georgina – whom normally her carer – posted a letter that is open the show’s creators together with BBC, explaining their frustration and mistreatment as susceptible individuals. “The whole of this BBC’s mindset stinks, ” they published.

The set reported of exactly just just how Georgina, whom additionally works into the intercourse company, ended up being nearly entirely cut right out of this movie, despite providing information on intercourse work that will help “destigmatise and educate” viewers. Leer más