Old Bulgarian Wedding Customs

Old Bulgarian Wedding Customs

Most weddings in Bulgaria were held on Sunday. The Thursday prior to, the bride’s mom performed the ritual kneading of this Pitka bread. The increasing regarding the dough symbolized the development of a brand new family members device.

The most readily useful guy ended up being busy making the marriage advertising. The six-foot-tall pole had become from a fruit-bearing tree and beveled with one swing of an ax. An apple or an onion covered with ornamental foil had been impaled at the top for the pole, that has been embellished with a scarf that is hand-woven extremely colorful ribbons, ivy, and strings of popcorn.

Bulgarian Big Day

In early stages the early morning for the wedding, the groom’s relatives and buddies spread him with barley for fortune, and rifles had been fired to the atmosphere to defend against spirits that are evil. The groom asked for his moms and dads’ blessing before departing. Then, a joyful march with singing and dance proceeded towards the best man’s home where he had been offered wine because of the groom. The maid of honor and most useful man then led the procession into the bride’s home where they delivered her with wine, the bridal veil, candles, and candies.

Bulgarian Wedding Shenanigans

Amidst the frolicking, the bride ended up being locked in an area and just the maid of honor could gain entry before the groom and man that is best bargained to be let in. Leer más