Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters (November 2011) drawn to the single mom next home, a new girl quickly

By Jessica Brockham –

Discovers by by by by herself having comparable emotions on her behalf neighbor’s eleven-year-old daughter.

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Back into front side (November 2010) Indulging in memories of personal intimacies with her daughter as a child… now dreaming of exploring those pleasures that are same her granddaughter.

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Remembering mother (2010) Looking back to the time when she was a girl… how things began and then progressed august.

By Kathy-Anne Niemann –

Jane and Nicole (2008) The story of a married woman seduced by a teenage babysitter january.

Melinda, My Love (January 2008) Seventh-grade instructor Carrie includes a hopeless crush on a 12-year-old woman inside her course, and contains finally chose to do something positive about it.

By LesLuv –

My Concubine and I also, 2 parts (January 2011) all of it begins when teen lesbian Lisa spies a lovely girl that is little a cafe who wants to flash her panties.

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Lynn, 10 chapters (January 2014) participating in cam intercourse having a budding lesbian of 12, Lynn is stunned when she discovers the child’s identity that is true. Leer más